Garage Cabinets

Garage Storage Cabinets to meet your Garage Organization needs

Made custom right here in Austin, TX, our garage storage cabinets can be built in any size and shape to maximize your garage space.  Garage Interiors storage cabinets are fabricated from quality materials to ensure aesthetics and longevity.

Our installation process is designed to meet our customer’s schedule and timeline.  And, we complete the work in a tidy manner with minimum disruption and mess. Garage Interiors offers an excellent value at a reasonable price!

  • Standard garage cabinets are made of paint grade double refined MDF.  Optional plywood material is available at additional costs.  Laminates are not used due to lack of durability, de-lamination issues and color restraints.
  • Garage cabinets are ultra-secure and strong because we nail, glue and screw the cabinets together.
  • Garage shelving has a 100 lb weight capacity. We use 1-1/2” front shelf stiffeners to prevent sagging.
  • We build real cabinets boxes. Each cabinet has a separate side, top and bottom to give the garage cabinets strong structural integrity and to eliminate any gaps between walls and ceilings.
  • Toe kick bases are made of solid wood material to reduce issues with swelling or water intrusion into your garage cabinets.
  • We offer an option of raising the garage storage cabinets off the ground using cabinet legs or free floating build.
  • Door hinges are high quality nickel-plated 3-way adjustable hidden Salice brand hinges to prevent door sagging and hinge popping.
  • We use quality metal door pulls:  available in many different styles and finishes to match your house or theme of your garage.
  • Cabinet finishing is almost unlimited; we can paint or stain your cabinets to any spec color to match your house or style.
  • Our durable and chemical resistant custom epoxy topped worktop can be color matched to your epoxy floor or any color.
  • Limited lifetime warranty and free door hinge adjustments throughout the life of your cabinets.
  • Economy Garage Cabinets

    Great for basic garage organization and storage of items
    • Available in standard widths, depths and heights (talk to your sales rep for sizes)
    • 3 /4” thick MDF boxes, 5/8” thick MDF doors, 3/4 ” thick shelves
    • 2×4 solid wood base
    • Adjustable garage shelving
    • 32 mm spacing
    • 100 lb weight load
    • Full extension drawers
    • Nickel plated door pulls
    • No paint or sealer applied
  • Standard Custom Garage Cabinets

    Great looking and performance at an excellent value

    Same as economy cabinets plus:

    • Custom-sized garage cabinets
    • Base boards
    • Upper crown molding
    • Filler trim on side trim mold
    • 1 ½” shelf supports
    • Caulk all seams, edges and joints
    • Exterior paint or stain
  • Premium Custom Garage Cabinets

    When nothing but the best is required

    Same as standard custom cabinets plus:

    • Garage cabinet backs providing a five-sided sealed cabinet box
    • Exterior and interior automotive-quality spray paint finish for cabinet boxes and garage shelving
    • Upgraded hardware for custom door pull selection


  • Garage storage cabinet layouts are approved and signed off by client; deposit paid
  • Garage cabinet parts fabricated at shop and bundled for delivery
  • Specialty items such as drawers, benches, etc. fabricated at shop
  • Garage cabinet parts delivered and unloaded into client's garage
  • Installers assemble and mount cabinets on site
  • If interior paint is requested, all garage shelving and inside of boxes are painted before doors, shelving hardware and trim are installed
  • Hang doors, trim and install garage shelving hardware
  • Exterior paint on all doors and boxes
  • Install door handles and load garage storage cabinets.


Standard: 2 weeks lead required on all custom garage cabinet orders. Lead time starts after customer sign off and 50% down payment has been received.

Rush orders: Rush installation available on request. No discounts apply and 5% rush charge fee to be applied on all orders.


Generally installs take 2 days to install, however, a good guideline is $1000 installed a day. For example, a $2000 project should take approximately 2 days to complete.  A $5000 project should take approximately 5 days to complete.