Garage Flooring

It is important for your garage flooring to not only look good, but to be durable and have longevity.  To achieve this, you must have the appropriate garage flooring preparation, product and installation.  Garage Interiors’ attention to each step ensures your garage flooring provides the appearance and performance your home deserves.

Garage Interiors uses high-end industrial grade materials from the best manufacturers for your garage floor coating.  And, because Garage Interiors is not a franchise or a representative of any one product line, we offer and install a wide variety of concrete floor coating products and services including:

  • Concrete floor grinding and polishing
  • Concrete floor sealing and fortification
  • Concrete floor acid staining/scoring
  • Polyurea floor coatings
  • Epoxy floor coatings
  • Polyurethane floor coatings
  • Thinset overlay and stamping

We offer decorative chip/flake and quartz color additives to any polyurea, epoxy and polyurethane garage floor coating.

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Standard epoxy floor coating system:

  • Our epoxy coating base is a solid high-performance epoxy coating that is 10 and 20 mils thick, depending on the condition of the concrete (see floor preparation below).
  • It’s a versatile two-component, chemically cured, epoxy coating with excellent chemical, corrosion, moisture, stain and abrasion resistant product.
  • Our decorative vinyl color chips/flakes are available in six sizes, including: Standard 1/4″ and sizes ranging from 1/8” to 1”.  Each size provides unique appearance and texture qualities to the surface.  Colors can be custom blended to your preference.
  • To finish your floor, we use a high performance single component moisture cured aliphatic urethane topcoat that results in a long lasting finish.  It is very UV stable and gives a great glossy finish to your garage flooring.
  • To address slip and fall issues, we offer a non-slip additive option to the topcoat.
  • We offer a limited 15-year warranty against any de-lamination of our garage flooring system.

Other garage floor resurfacing systems are available.

Floor preparation:

  • We prepare your floors using both chemical and mechanical processes.  This system maximizes floor to product adhesion.
  • First, we sweep and blow out the garage floor and inspect for concrete damage and issues
  • We grind to profile and open pole areas and shape all rough curbs
  • Then we apply a cleaner/degreaser solution to the floor and scrub using a 20” mechanical floor unit and rinse
  • A chemical etching solution is applied to profile remaining floor
  • We then apply a neutralizing cleaner using a 20” mechanical scrubber and rinse
  • Where older floors have heavy residue or a poor profile exists, complete mechanical grinding may be used to guarantee proper adhesion of the product to the concrete.
  • All cracks are filled and imperfections are addressed to ensure a quality flooring finish.
  • Repair of existing underpinning, if damaged.


Standard: 1 week lead required on all garage flooring orders.  Lead time starts after customer sign off and 50% down payment has been received.

Rush orders: Rush installation available on request.  No discounts apply and 5% rush charge fee to be applied on all orders.

Installation Time

Installation of the garage flooring is typically 3 days. We recommend waiting 72 hours post-flooring installation before parking cars on the floor.